Fixtures and Teams 11/12 May

3rd team at home on Saturday against Great Harwood.

2nd team at home on Sunday against East Lancs with the 1st XI making the trip to East Lancs.

1st XI – E.Lancs A RCC -11.15 12 @E Lancs 2nd XI – E,Lancs H 12 meet 3rd XI – G.Harwood H 12 meet – Sat
K Roscoe A Ali A Etchells
I Abid A Mahmood P Gibbons
T Aziz S Khan F Testa
M Davis W Rehman W Hirst
J Errey M Tayyib B Roscoe
C Errey A Etchells T Mehmood
A Hussain A Deshmukh A Deshmukh
P.Killelea W Hirst H Buckley
A.Payne P Gibbons D Schofield
PRO F Testa F Aziz
AN Other M Ziarab AN Other

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