Teams, weekend 25/05,and bank holiday + Bar Times

The 1st’s travel to Middleton on Sunday looking to carry on their recent form against a team with the same league record, played 5 won 3.

1st – A – meet 11.15 @ RCC or noon @ Middleton

Roscoe, Abid, Aziz, Errey J, Errey C, Hussain A, Hussain I, Killelea, Payne, Pickup, PRO

2nd – H – meet 12 @ RCC

Ali, Mahmood, Ahmed, Tayyib, Mohammed, Khan, Davies, Safir, Gibbons, Deshmukh, Aziz

3rd – H- Crompton – 12 meet @ RCC

Etchells A, Gibbons P, Roscoe, Hirst, Buckley, Testa, Hussain S, Mehmood, Schofield, Jones, Etchells

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