Team News for w/c 21/06 T20, 1st 2nd & 3rd XI

Friday T20 V Milnrow H @5.45

Roscoe K, Aziz, Abid, Errey C, Errey J, Gibbons, Payne, Roscoe B, Southworth, Walsh, Pro

Saturday 3rd XI V Lowerhouse H

Etchells, Ahmed A, Gibbons, Hirst, Mehrban, Mohammed A, Morton, Schofield, Talat, Testa, Walsh

Sunday V Enfield 1st XI A, 2nd XI H

1st – Roscoe, Aziz, Abid, Errey, Errey, Davis, Payne, Killelea, Pickup, Southworth, Pro

2nd – Khan, Jones, Ashraf, Etchells H, Ahmed A, Tayyib, Hallows, Hussain I, Mohammed Z, Aziz, Safir

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