Chairman’s message – Bonfire Night

24 hours on and having time to reflect on our 3rd Annual Bonfire… WOW – we smashed it yet again!

Our aim is to stage a spectacle for our local community that puts smiles on faces and entertains people wanting them to return each year!  If you guys keep coming back, we will keep striving to make the event bigger and better each year.  I believe we have done that so far and will continue to do so!

To stage events of this size is not easy and takes a lot of work from a dedicated set of volunteers who arrange the planning, prepping, building and running of this event to ensure our community cricket club can continue moving forward and safeguard our future!

I would personally like to thank everybody who contributed to this event, planning, building the bonfire, volunteering on the night with Bbq/food, sweet stall, can bars, Marshalls, on the gates, tannoy and music, money control, bar staff, sponsors and anybody else I may have unintentionally missed.  You guys amaze me every year and I can’t thank you enough! 

Finally, if anybody has witnessed a better firework display this weekend than ours last night you have been very lucky as it was OUTSTANDING!

Thanks again

Vinny Hanson


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