2020 professional update

Unfortunately this year’s professional Jovaun Van Wyngaardt will not be returning for the 2020 season.

Chairman Vinny Hanson said “Although both parties had agreed for a return next year, there was always a chance it wouldn’t happen.  Jovaun’s situation in South African has changed and he had to assess the best options for his own future!  He has kept us informed throughout and I thank him for the professional way he has conducted himself!”

“Obviously it’s a bit of a blow for us, Jovaun made a huge impact on and off the field, particularly with our junior section and was committed to the future development of the club!  He has made life long friends here and will always be welcomed back, we wish him every success and best wishes in his new career!”

“This is part and parcel of running a cricket club, we will quickly assess our requirements and start the search for a new professional for next season!”

One comment

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